2022 Harvest: starting from white grapes the magic of Tenute Navarra’s harvest by hand begins

We have been waiting for this moment for a solid year: the harvest.

The meticulous care of our vineyards throughout the year is crowned by the wine grapes harvest.

The ‘vindemia’ by hand – from Latin vinum “wine” and demĕre “to remove” – is one of the oldest practices that we still use to this day to carefully select the grapes destined for the vinification process.

Our experienced pickers choose only the best grapes which have reached the right level of ripeness to produce excellent wine.

Thanks to the skilled use of hands and strength of their arms, grapes are handled with great gentleness and carried with care to avoid damaging the berries and wasting must in the stages of the harvest.

Hand-picking means spoiling the grapes and supporting them in their journey to winemaking. Nonetheless, a time-consuming process that takes more time and assets but definitely preserves the grapes and gives the produced wine a higher quality.

Between our vineyard’s rows, we started living this magical moment by the harvest of the white grapes, the “cradle” of Sofien Bianco Terre Siciliane IGP, the first white wine of Tenute Navarra, a blend of Grillo and Chardonnay, an expression of our territory and the work of each of us.


By the Editorial Staff of Tenute Navarra Blog


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