World Entrepreneurs Day, a special day for Tenute Navarra

Who is an entrepreneur?

Someone who practices a structured business activity, of industrial, agricultural, or sales nature, to produce and exchange goods and facilities; on a larger scale, someone who, natural person or society, manages a business – quote Treccani.

World Entrepreneurs Day is celebrated all over the world on the 21st of August, and we from the Management Team of Tenute Navarra cannot but turn our gaze to someone who has always been an entrepreneur through his enlightened, brave, and far-sighted choices and capture the nuances of his life: Totò Navarra.

A story that begins in his childhood, when at only ten years old he started working in the fields of his Mussomeli, continues in 1969 with his choice to move to England to set up a company specialized in green care and gardening. A unique story based on the choice of love for his land, to get back to Sicily and give it a go.

I love Sicily, my people, their dignity, to come back to Sicily had become a moral duty. Only the brave can make it” – quote Totò Navarra.

When he came back, he founded and expanded a cleaning and facility management business that soon has grown to have an international level of prestige and defined the business history of the Sicilian economy. His love for the Land and the first passion of his life come to life through Tenute Navarra.

What is his long-life focus? The value of family as the center of life.

No choice has been made without a conversation with his loved ones. His wife, sons, and grandsons have always been at the center of his entrepreneurial projects and are actively involved in each activity.

A value that has been handed down in Navarra’s Family and that today more than ever marks the growth of Tenute Navarra.

It is the expression of the generational continuum between grandfather and grandson, three generations actively involved in the business project.


Totò Navarra Junior with his father and his grandfather.

All of them are involved daily in fields to take care of the cultivations and the evolution of the property, and in the office to drive innovation and dynamic to the corporate structure.

It’s not just a simple transfer of information and workflows but a constant exchange and mutual growth.

The importance of experience blends with the innovative vision, bringing to life unique business management.

That is the reason why for us at Tenute Navarra today is special: the entrepreneurial vision and the growth are and will always be strongly linked to the family, the passion, and the work of every day.


by the Editorial Staff of Tenute Navarra Blog


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