Sustainability: a journey in the name of social change

50% of Italian consumers believe that the word “Sustainability” means “to preserve and protect the environmental dimension of our Planet, being considerate in the use of resources”.

The survey conducted by Adiconsum, within the framework of the SURF Project – Sustainability, Social Utility, and Financial Responsibility, reveals a statistic that has proven the citizens’ growth of awareness of the issues related to sustainability.

The majority of Italian consumers claim to namely take sustainable actions to limit their environmental impact, such as recycling, reducing waste, buying biological products, using public transport, as well as using renewable energy.

Nonetheless, today the term “sustainable development” takes on a more comprehensive meaning, that of “meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”, in tune with ESG standards (Environmental, Social & Governance).

This significant theme is no longer linked simply to the steps for environmental protection; we are dealing with a shift in consumption habits and, moreover, in production habits, taking into account current global needs.

Source: Official Website of the European Union


Implement new and relevant measures for social responsibility, for everyone’s well-being, be mindful and efficient in financial management, and organize and make corporate governance proficient. These are the necessary and ambitious challenges that Authorities, enterprises, and citizens are all called to undertake.

The management Team of Tenute Navarra, along with all the partners and providers, is committed every day to play a role in reaching the 17 Goals for Sustainable Development of the 2030 Agenda set by ONU.


This asset is the result of the entrepreneurial experience combined with research and innovation. Hence the actions undertaken are aimed at the proper management of the environmental impact system, the enhancement of human resources and territory, and the development of new and sustainable business and financial models.


by the Editorial Staff of Tenute Navarra Blog


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