Wine Me More: Tannin

Wine Me More is the feature of Tenute Navarra dedicated to insights and trivia on the world of wine and today we share one of the most crucial elements in a glass of red wine: tannin.

Tannin is a natural essence found in some tree bark, such as chestnut and oak trees, in fruits, and in plant-based foods.

It belongs to the polyphenols group, an antioxidant substance that prevents cellular aging and protects the ecosystem of trees and forests. Different ways and fields use the extract, from the vegetable tanning process of the leather to cosmetic products and as a diet supplement.

The extraction process of tannin allows the wood, transformed into chips, and soaked in hot water, to settle into a red-colored fluid with an intense aroma. The liquid dries to obtain tannin powder, used in the techniques of wine fining, color stabilization, and sulfite reduction in the production of red wines.

The process is entirely zero impact because the water and the steam used in the conversion process are purified and recycled in the following manufacturing process. The next production activity hoards the thermal energy released and even spent wood is repurposed as pellets for stoves.

Nonetheless, you can naturally find tannin in the seeds and skins of the black grape variety. Red wine is generally obtained from the maceration of the must, along with grape skins, pomace, and grape seeds, that slowly drop tannin during the vinification process.

The presence of a high concentration of tannin in some vines and in the barrel’s wood, as well as the aging time and the additional tannin extract, is crucial to the wine’s final taste and longevity.

In Tenute Navarra red wines, you can appreciate the presence of tannin in different quantities and flavours depending on the wine type.

Disiato, Frappato IGP Terre Siciliane, is a quite tannic wine with a distinct feeling of dryness and astringency on the palate, peculiar to young red wines.

Maribu, Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG is likewise a fairly tannin wine, with a subtle mouthfeel of astringency due to the Frappato, yet well smoothed by the combination with Nero d’Avola.

In conclusion, Battichié, Nero d’Avola Sicilia DOC Riserva del Fondatore is a velvety wine in which the tannin is well balanced and harmonious, with a smooth and round suggestion to the taste.


By the Editorial Staff of Tenute Navarra Blog