Tenute Navarra continues the “sustainable” growth journey

Aiming to be “realistically sustainable”, Tenute Navarra has obtained the major SI Rating certificate.

We work every day aiming towards high standards of sustainability – states Mattia Piampiano, Business Developer of Tenute Navarraevery activity is carried out strategically and functionally amongst all the company’s units to achieve the sustainable development goals set by ONU. To be sustainable in terms of environment, governance, and on a social level is an ambitious challenge for us. We understand that companies like ours are strongly linked to nature and the territories that “host” us with all social, institutional, and economic components. Therefore, every detail is overseen so that sustainability can be the core aspect of our working life“.

What is SI Rating?

Sustainability Impact Rating (SI Rating) is the proprietary tool designed and developed by ARB S.B.P.A. that supports businesses and companies in the environmental, social, and governance sustainability (ESG) evaluation process.

It uses an algorithm based on international guidelines and standards such as SASB Materiality Map® (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board), the ISO certificates linked to the themes of sustainability, field best practices, and European policies and guidelines.

The tool is designed to support businesses in measuring, monitoring, and communicating their sustainability performance and the alignment of their assets to ONU Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It is a strategic tool that supports the company objectively in understanding the ESG risks and opportunities linked to business operations, to embed such factors in their industrial development plan.

Tenute Navarra is an example of how sustainability has been a focal point from their beginning, the project analysis, and the development – states Ada Balzan, Vice President and CEO of ARB. SI Rating is the tool that provides practical and operational guidance to companies such as Tenute Navarra, aiming to become a successful model of sustainability”.


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