Bottiglia orizzontale Battichie Foglia Intera Navarra

Reserve by the founder Totò Navarra

The Nero d’Avola DOC Sicilia Riserva harvest 2019

conceived by Totò Navarra and the oenologist Tonino Guzzo, on the land of Tenuta San Giacomo in the territory of Butera, ripened in the sun of the hills in the center of Sicily and aged in wooden barrels and bottle for twenty-four months.

It is a full-bodied and elegant wine, with typical fruity notes of red mulberry and cherry, floral geranium imperial and spicy, with varied aromas reminiscent of vanilla and dark chocolate. The taste is dry, soft and fleshy like a ripe fruit, with a tannin kind balance .

Battichie def Foglia Intera Navarra


Battichiè Riserva del Fondatore is the first product of the vineyard of three and a half hectares on the hillside, west of the Baglio.

The grapes harvested in the year 2019 were carefully selected and vinified,

with that slight idea of perfection at the centre of its character: born in 1951, Totò

Navarra is a self-made man who has turned his life into an actual work of art.

Riccardo Guasco illustrated and interpreted the label with his dreamy eyes, wants to express the intense bond that links Totò with his land and the love he has for his homeland, capable of making his strong hands full of lightness and love.

Battichiè is a word that means a lot for the founder Totò, the one that reminds him of the lullaby he used to hear from his mother when he was a child and that he would have it accompanied throughout his life, the red thread of nostalgia that would have pushed him, in

1985, to return from England moved by the dream of cultivating the land where he has grown up, and that will forever link to the sweet melody of  battichiè.

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The dream

Born in 1951 in Mussomeli, he began working in the countryside on an estate of three hundred hectares, not far from his hometown. He spreads his roots, begins to identify the land and its fruits, and experience the relationship between the land and humanity who cultivates it. But this was only the beginning. So, in 1969 Totò emigrated to

England and settled in Woking, a town in Surrey about 50 km from London. He dedicates himself to gardening with the same passion and dedication as before. English gardens are another thing from the ones in Mussomeli. Totò observes, learns, follows advice and indications, and in short, his hands work miracles. The dream seems to come true. He opens a little store, but nostalgia comes forward, and his roots bring him back to the centre of Sicily. So, in 1985 he returned there, against everyone’s opinion. Sells the house, the store and says goodbye to Woking. He returns to Mussomeli, determined to make it all fruitful the experience and innovative potential of old dreams, renewed by English experience.

Mussomeli turns out to be a comeback full of difficulties; There is a massive difference between England and Sicily in 1985. He moves to Caltanissetta and starts all over again. A few years later, his son Salvatore came up with new prospects and dedication to achieve remarkable growth and success in the family business, specializing in facility management.

Totò is ready for the new challenge. It’s 2019  they finally found the right opportunity: an estate a few kilometres not far from Caltanissetta, perfect for making the dream of Totò come true: Most important of all, “The Land.”

He chooses the crops, the vineyard, the almonds, the olives. Rationalize bushes, walls, sources and water reserves; his vision never stops. He takes care daily of every aspect. Everything becomes more apparent, like the three oblique lines that announce his name: Tenute Navarra. They harvested Nero d’Avola in 2019  from a three and a half hectares vineyard next to the hill. It will be the first harvest and the first fruit of this dream come true.

battichiè, Riserva of the Founder, a unique limited edition label with Numbered bottles, which marks the beginning of the concreteness of the dream.

Il Territorio di Tenute Navarra

But this is only the beginning

The first harvest and the first Battichiè is just the starting of a story destined to last over time.
We have planted new vineyards and completed the olive grove and the almond grove. We are preparing the projects to restructure the Baglio, and Totò also wanted the horses in his estate, another old passion for him.

It will only take a little more time, and we will tell you the stories of new goodness.

Monogramma Tenute Navarra - Azienda Agricola Siciliana
Tenute Navarra - Il Territorio

We have started the pathway to enter the organic production regime, in the meantime we have obtained the ISO 14001: 2015 environmental management systems certification and the ISO quality management systems certification 9001: 2015


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contrada San Giacomo
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