Cultivations and Produce

Tenute Navarra’s produce
in the ‘in-between land’ halfway from
the sea and hills of south-eastern Sicily


Colture Nero D'Avola - Tenute Navarra

Nero d'Avola

The name comes from dark berries.

Nero d’Avola grown in the southeastern area are significantly finer and more complex, with strong hints of dried flowers and spice.

Our vines are dry and well aerated, in an ‘in-between land’ amid the sea and the hills.

Colture Frappato - Tenute Navarra


Frappato is a native grape variety of Sicily.

A robust vine, the grapes are blue in colour, spheroid in shape, irregular, with thick skin.

It is a late ripening grape variety and the harvest usually takes place at the end of September.

Colture Grillo - Tenute Navarra


Grillo is a white berry variety.

Grapes are small, with thick skin covered in bloom.

Grillo is a variety that well withstands the weather of south-eastern Sicily, heat and drought.

Colture Chardonnay - Tenute Navarra


Chardonnay is a French cultivar, one of the most grown white grape varieties in the world.

The Chardonnay vine has spheroid shape grapes, with thin bloomy yellow-green skin.


Oliva Nocellara del Belìce - Tenute Navarra

Nocellara del Belice

It is a native refined variety of Sicily, certified DOP (of protected origin).

Nocellara is a medium vigourous tree, with expanded habit and average crown expansion.

The oil obtained from the pressing of the olives has a rich yellowish–green tint and low acidity.

Oliva Nocellarea-Etnea - Tenute Navarra

Nocellara Etnea

Native Sicilian variety with dual attitude that grows mainly in the central and eastern area of Sicily.

Nocellara Etnea trees are vigorous plants, with expanded habits and an average crown intensity.

The oil obtained from the pressing of the olives is characterized above all by a low level of acidity, fruity to the nose, and a spicy aftertaste.

Oliva Biancolilla - Tenute Navarra


It is a native variety of western Sicily, highly appreciated and high yielding.

The trees of this variety are distinguished by great vigour and wide expansion of the crown.

The obtained oil is a yellowish green colour, and is fruity and slightly spicy, with notes of almond, tomato, and artichoke.

Oliva Moresca - Tenute Navarra


A native cultivar of central-eastern Sicily.

The trees are defined by medium vigour, a full crown, and expanded habit.

The oil produced by the pressing of this variety is characterized by a light fruity note, with hints of herbs and blends of spicy bitterness.

Oliva Tonda Iblea - Tenute Navarra

Tonda Iblea

It is a native variety of south-eastern Sicily.

The trees are distinguished by a vertically expanded habit, with an average crown.

Green tending to gold, the produced oil stands out for its intense fruity hints of olives, artichoke, herbs, and tomato. To the taste, sweet and spicy balance each other out, with a bitter aftertaste.

Il Frantoio


It is one of the most widespread varieties in Italy.

The trees of this cultivar are characterized by a wide crown and long branches. The main features are the flower buds, from which it derives a high yielding of fruits.

The extracted oil is a deep green with golden hues. It is rich and fragrant, with hints of herbs, artichoke, and a spicy aftertaste.


Mandorla Vairo - Tenute Navarra


Prunus dulcis is a self-fertile and late flowering variety with high yielding capacity.

The tree comes with good vigour and an easy-to-handle crown.

The fruit is elongated and heart shaped.

Mandorla Tuono - Tenute Navarra


Prunus amygdalus is a self-fertile and late blooming variety with high yielding.

The tree is not very vigorous, and its fruits are protected by a semi-tender shell.

The fruit is rough to the touch and is distinguished by a long elliptical shape.

Mandorla Lauranne - Tenute Navarra


Self-fertile variety of French origins, characterized by late flowering and a constant high yielding.

The fruits appear with double seeds and the almonds are characterized by an elongated shape.


Mandorla Ferragnes - Tenute Navarra


Of French origins, it is widespread in southern Italy.

The tree is characterized by medium vigour, a vertically expanded habit, and high yielding.

The almond is nestled in a semi-hard rugged shell with an elliptical shape.

Mandorla Genco - Tenute Navarra


Apulian-based late blooming variety, high yielding.

The tree is generally vigorous, resistant to drought, and marked by an expanded habit.

The fruit is enclosed in semi-hard shells and can appear rounded.

The Products of Tenute Navarra

Logo Linea Art Tenute Navarra

Art Line

A line dedicated to art in its purest essence. The excellent wines that are part of the Art Line of Tenute Navarra are characterised by the feelings of the founder and our land, the landscapes’ shades, the rich traditions, and the culture of the Heart of the Mediterranean.

Artists and creators represent this with talent and inspiration, paying attention to every detail by creating artworks that enrich and complete our wine tastings.

Logo Premium Line Tenute Navarra

Premium Line

The Premium Line of Tenute Navarra includes high-quality wines, linked to a territory in which, with extreme care, precious wine grape varieties arise.

The Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG – the only Sicilian DOCG – is part of the Premium Line.

A line that is enriched day by day with quality and unique characteristics that distinguishes the wines that belong to it.

Logo Fun Line Tenute Navarra

Fun Line

The Fun Line expresses freshness in all its aspects. The labels of the wines are simple and dynamic.

It is quintessentially a feel-good, easy to drink wine which is suitable for every occasion, both a social drink and a meal in good company. Light and cheerful mark the taste of the Fun Line wines.

Logo Agrifood Line - Tenute Navarra

Agrifood Line

The Agrifood Line contains the land productions of Tenute Navarra and the by-products of our cultivations.

Carefully and passionately, we cultivate different varieties of almonds and olives, from which excellent products are obtained such as the Navarra EVO oil.


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