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Tenute Navarra
The Reality

Tenute Navarra is the expression of a generational continuum between grandfather and grandson. It’s not just a simple handover of information and workflows but a constant exchange and mutual growth. The importance of experience blends with the innovative vision, bringing to life a unique business management.

With 175 hectares surrounded by a unique territory for its geomorphological and social features, Tenute Navarra is an “in-between land” halfway from the southern shore and the towns of inland Sicily.

A territory rich in history, culture, and tradition, in which you can experience the Trinacria’s charm and Mediterranean culture in many shapes and forms. Land of conquest yet of enormous potential; over the years, it has always been full of success, great minds, and distinctiveness, exported worldwide.

The cultivations of olives, almonds, fruits, horticultural products, and, above all, vineyards stand in the territory previously established as ‘Cerasuolo di Vittoria’ the Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin.

The estate is getting ready to host a high-quality Resort, perfect in every detail to ensure our Guests the ultimate comfort while maintaining an exclusive atmosphere to live in sustainable environments and spaces, surrounded by nature and far from the frenetic pace of the city.

Totò Navarra Jr.
Totò Navarra Jr.
Stretta di Mano


Registered office
Viale Luigi Monaco, 26
93100 – Caltanissetta – Italia
+39 328 44 52 795
Partita IVA 02048510859

contrada San Giacomo
93011 – Butera (CL) – ITALIA
Latitude North 37.244896°
Longitude East 14.160916°