Sustainability in Tenute Navarra

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Sustainability in Tenute Navarra

Sustainability for Totò, is embodied in his values, coherence, and commitment to his family and society.

Tenute Navarra has started a process of Sustainability, measuring the ESG standards and our support to the 17 goals of the United Nations through SI Rating, disclosing fairly and transparently and by internationally recognized criteria, its solid commitment in terms of sustainability.

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Tenute Navarra has obtained a major certificate in Company Sustainability certified by SI Rating.

Sustainability Impact Rating (SI Rating) is the proprietary tool designed and developed by ARB S.B.P.A. that supports businesses and companies in the environmental, social, and governance sustainability (ESG) evaluation process.

SI Rating uses an algorithm based on international guidelines and standards such as SASB Materiality Map® (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board), the ISO certificates linked to the themes of sustainability, field best practices, and the European policies and guidelines.

Tenute Navarra is based on “human resources“. Our activity aims to enhance Human Resources all around, from corporate welfare to social responsibilities activities to engage the local human resources.

Tenute Navarra works everyday to ensure a performing environmental management system to reach the goals required by ONU.